Writing as a Hobby


Finally you have managed to score a few clients. The best part, you get long term clients too. What next? Of course, you will be writing for your clients. After all you are getting the money from them.

However, do you want to spend all your time writing for your clients?

What about your passion? Your hobby?

I am sure the reason you become a writer is because you love to write but would it be the best if you write for clients and not yourself?

I have started to write since 2000. I was 13 years old. I loved to write during weekends when I was not in school. I wrote poems, short stories and even attempted to write a novel but somehow I lost part of my work because of PC problem.

Now that I am 22 years old, I have my own writing business and I am also married to the man I love. However, the one thing that I seem to have forgotten is my passion in writing. I have forgotten how I used to write as a hobby.

Why it is important to keep writing as a hobby?

It is to make sure that you do not forget the main reason you join the writing industry. While writing for money is the main objective in this business, but writing as a hobby is important as it keeps you in tune with your passion.

Where to find the time to write for yourself?

The best time is when you are not working of course. Set a fixed working hours – for example, you might be working six to eight hours a day. Then, figure out the ‘me’ time so that you can do whatever you want. Alternatively, stop working during weekends and spend some time with your creative side.

What you can write about?

  • poetry
  • short stories
  • novel – work on it one part at a time
  • diary
  • anything that interests you

What I did in the past few days?

I had a look at some of my work when I was a teenager. I had an account at Writing.com and I featured some of my work there. You can have a look at Writing.Com/authors/whitechocolate. This is an account created some time in 2005.

Perhaps it is time to balance writing for money and writing for yourself, as a hobby.

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