Writing Keyword Based Articles for Ezine Articles

As we know, Ezine Articles only allow one keyword per 100 words. So, if you have 500 words, you can have 5 keywords. Sometimes, when you are writing an article, you might not know whether you have exceeded the keyword density. The good thing is Ezine Articles has a new feature that will inform you if your article has exceeded the number of keyword allowed according to the number of words.

A good rule to remember when you write articles with certain keywords is ‘write the article, then add the keyword’. It simply means write the article without having a thought on the keyword(s) you need to include in the article. After you have completed the article, insert the keyword(s) at suitable location and change the sentence structure accordingly to make sense.

Make sure you composed your article on Notepad so when you copy and paste into Ezine Articles box, there is no funny character especially when your article is published. Once you have pasted into the box, watch out for any warning at the top of the box that will inform you whether your article violated any rules. If none, proceed to view, and then submit.

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