Writing Sites Ep: 1

As writers, we need to upgrade ourselves all the time (writing about writing can be very difficult!).

Reading writing sites can help us gain more knowledge especially related to writing.

Here are five links to share with you all today (regardless of your writing categories).All of them are related to writing, although the topics might be diverse.

Just stumbled upon them while doing my usual SU ritual.

1. http://users.wirefire.com/tritt/tip8.html

2. http://www.tameri.com/write/coolfrench.html

3. http://bethanyharvey.com/blog/posts/2007/07/write-characters-not-mary-sues/

4. http://en.proverbia.net/citastema.asp?tematica=295

5. http://www.dailywritingtips.com/google-alerts/



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