2010 Freelance Writing Plan

2010 is just a few days away.

With a whole new year coming up, there must be a whole new plan for your freelance writing career.

Have you make your plan for 2010?

What I have in store for 2010?

  1. I am planning on having different blogs for different purposes.
  2. Explore new areas of writing to expand my business.
  3. Write more often on this blog (and other blogs).
  4. Read more about freelance writing / writing / editing / fiction.

What about plans that are non-related to freelance writing?

  1. I would like to save money to buy a property (it is not comfortable to live with parents after getting married).
  2. I really need to save up some emergency money.
  3. Redesign the rooms in my mum’s house so that I can have an office.

What about you? Are you going to make any big changes in 2010?

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