5 Life Lessons Learned From Writing

1. Money influence people. When I first started freelance writing, there had been many times when I did not have any work to do = no income = no money to spend (because I was just new in the industry).

So when something happened unexpectedly – maybe something between life and death – I would be panic because I did not have enough money / perhaps no money at all.

That was when I would “almost do anything” for the sake of getting money. Low paying jobs were the only choices I had at that time. Now, my freelance writing business is getting better and I make sure I have some savings.

2. New Year Resolution is a waste of time. This is why I do not make any resolutions.

I always failed at following my own resolutions.

3. Just because someone rejected your work, that doesn’t mean you are a bad freelance writer. You have to keep trying unless you get a “Yes”. Don’t take “No” for an answer. Remember: everyone else can say “no” to you but you can never say “no” to yourself.

4. It is important to believe in yourself. You can achieve your dreams when you believe in yourself. I believe myself, therefore I manage to be a freelance writer (my ambition when I was a teenager). My husband didn’t believe me in the first place, which made everything else much more difficult but after some time, he showed his support because I believe in me.

5. It is best to have a notebook (a real notebook that you can write on using a pen or pencil) all the time. You never know when your next “great” ideas might visit you. When the idea is visiting you, it is best to be prepared. Once you have written your ideas, you can develop it.



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