50 Blogs On Freelance Writing You Must Read

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I am a freelance writer, so naturally, I would read freelance writing blogs / blogging blogs.

So, I have come up with top 50 blogs for you to read at your leisure.

* This list is not according to importance. They are all randomly listed.

1. Starting with my own Writing Consultation.

2. Freelance Writing – not exactly a blog but a very informational site for writers

3. All Freelance Writing – by Jennifer Mattern, a very good writer, my idol.

4. Men With Pens – you have no idea how pen is mightier than a sword.

5. Skelliewag – a very, very inspirational writer/designer.

6. Freelance Switch

7. Freelance Folder

8. Copyblogger

9. Seth Godin

10. Life Hacker

11. Daily Blog Tips

12. Daily Writing Tips

13. Dosh Dosh

14. 43 Folders

15. Life Hack

16. Chris Brogan

17. Write To Done – a very excellent blog on writing.

18. Zen Habits is written by the same guy on Write To Done, Leo Babauta.

19. Steve Pavlina

20. The Simple Dollar

21. Chris Garrett

22. Entrepreneurs Journey

23. Dumb Little Man

24. A List Apart

25. The Writers Manifesto

26. About Freelance Writing

27. Writing Hacker also by Angela Booth

28. Angela Booth Writing’s Blog

29. Nicole Humphrey

30. Freelance Zone

31. Trapped In The Office

32. Am I Really A Writer

33. About.com Freelancewrite

34. Freelance Writing Gigs

35. Insane Freelance Writing

36. Writing World

37. Freelance Writing Tips

38. Chris Blogging

39. Freelance Sprout

40. The Writing Geek

41. The Writer’s Block

42. Get Paid To Write Online

43. Freelance Author Spot

44. Freelance For A Living

45. The Green Ninja

46. Lorelle on WordPress

47. Inkwell Editorial

48. Remark A Blogger

49. Bizzia

50. The Renegade Writer


If you notice any broken links, please let me know.


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