Beware Virus Attack

Win32:Fakeinit-H[TRJ] is on the move lately. *TRJ : Trojan

It is transferred through emails (from email addresses such as xxx [at] ups [dot] com). Beware if you receive such emails. These emails have attachment, so make sure you do not open the attachment. Just delete the emails you get. If you have a good anti virus, you will be notified about the infected emails. DELETE all the suspicious emails you get. Only open emails that you trust.

My laptop was infected with this virus (malware) on 14 Jan 2010 and since then I discovered a few more viruses lurking around in my laptop.

Names of the viruses:

1. Fakeinit [TRJ]
2. Bredolab [TRJ]
3. ZBot-MNS

Usually, these viruses hide in C:WindowsSystem32 or Temporary Internet Files.

However, you should scan your PC or laptop if you think (or have a hint) that your PC or laptop might be infected with a virus.

Recommended antivirus / antimalware:

1. Avast Anti Virus
2. Malware Bytes Anti Malware

Don’t forget to scan using Windows Defender as well (full scan) – if applicable.

I read that this virus is going to cause a lot of pop ups so beware. If you notice something is not right with your PC or laptop, DO NOT use the same PC or laptop to access internet banking or work.

Change to a clean PC or laptop to change your passwords (for everything that is important to you). Then you can check out TechSupportForum for step-by-step manual to remove the virus. You can even register and post a thread about your problem to get assistance from the virus analysts.

p/s: I am still working on removing the virus(es). Will keep you updated on it.

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