Catering an Admissions Letter

An admissions letter is like that imperative first impression to a potential employer but instead of a hand shake you have 1,000 words or less to distinguish yourself from thousands of other applicants. This sounds daunting, but really if you simply determine the type of letter you should be writing for the program you are applying to and write to expose yourself you should be fine.

The type of letter you will write will differ greatly between schools and even colleges within those schools. For some degrees, such as business, your personal statement is to include all volunteer work as well as industry specific training you possess to show your clear desire to work. If your program is on the creative arts side, such as graphic design or interior design then you’ll want to emphasize your experiences in the art scene as well as your own artistic endeavors. Many admissions processes for creative arts require a portfolio submission as well, highlighting your best work and breadth of skill.

Your personal statement is an opportunity to introduce you as well as clarify why you are a prime candidate and how you will excel in the program at their school. Admissions advisors are also going to be very interested in what positive attributes you can bring to the campus and the existing student body. What skills or personality traits do you possess that will make you stand out and be a leader in their student body?

Applying to one of the many available online colleges verses an traditional campus requires a slightly different approach. There is no campus or physical classroom so the things that you can bring to the program will be more focused towards your drive, dedication and aspiration to succeed. Your personal statement will need to make admissions staff understand how and why you will be able to allocate your time and energy in a self paced program. With no specific class time or schedule they will want to be sure that your studies are a top priority within your own personal life. Their main concern is in knowing the spot you are taking up in that class is well filled with a dedicated student.

Every admissions letter and personal statement is as different as the student writing it. Whether an online college or campus location, your personal statement needs to clearly define who you are and what type of student you are going to be. You need to make them understand how your success will reflect well on the school as an educational institution. Above all, you need to show them that you are eager to succeed and the personality traits that you encompass are going to help you do so.

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