CMF Ads : Why I Love It

UPDATE: It is no longer available.

CMFAds – Blog advertising, low cost, high value

I joined CMFAds a few years back (can’t exactly remember when). At first I was sceptical about CMFAds. After all I was earning peanuts (seriously that’s what I thought back then!). Then again, I realised I should not expect to get rich overnight with CMFAds. It is not about the money. It is about the exposure for my blogs.

After all exposure is what CMFAds about (blog advertising, low cost, high value). This is not “get rich quick” so you have to be patient and persevere. It is difficult for me not to love CMFAds.

#1 Blog Advertising at Low Cost

I can get 50 unique clicks for just $0.20 (it means I get 50 unique people to visit my blog).

For as low as $0.30, I can get 10,000 page views (impressions). This is known as Network ads. While it is not guaranteed that people will click on the ad, at least my blog banner makes appearance 10,000 times (often a little more) on the blogs with CMFAds code.

The latest ad available is known as Fireworks (Firework Ads). Get 50 unique clicks for $1.00. It is different from Spikes because you don’t have to click on the ad to earn money. You earn money when other people (anyone, not just members of CMFAds) click on a Firework ad on your site. The rate – $0.008 (4 times the rate of clicking on Spikes, and you don’t even have to click).

#2 Earn Money The Easy Way

Click, click, click… That’s all you have to do.

At the rate of $0.002 per click (also known as Spike), you might think, “meh, it is not worth my time”.

Then again, why not give it a try especially if you are on the internet most of the time?

You just have to click and it’s like one second per click.

If you have Firework Ad Code on your site, you earn money when people click on the Firework ad on your site.

#3 A Supportive Community

CMFAds Forum is a great place to hang out, especially if you are the type who likes to hang out in a forum.

CMFAds members are friendly and they are willing to share knowledge with those who seek it.

What are you waiting for?

Be a member of CMFAds and discover all the benefits you can get.

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