Copyscape: Is it Reliable?

We know there are many plagiarism checkers out there, both online and offline products.

Some people are willing to pay while others prefer free tools.

Copyscape is popular because you get to enjoy both free and paid services.

I have questions for writers out there, who are using Copyscape.

Is Copyscape reliable?

Are your customers happy with your work, after checking with Copyscape?

Do you use more than one plagiarism checker?

Do you compare the results?

According to Search Engine Journal, Copyscape has a 90% reliability and by far the most reliable tool of all.

Personally I like Plagiarism Detect, because I find rather reliable as well, perhaps better than Copyscape.

I have been using Plagiarism Detect for a very long time and I find it easy to check the authenticity of an article based on the percentage and the links that contain the material from the article.

What do you think?

Do you use a plagiarism checker for your work?

Or you don’t even care about plagiarism checker at all?

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