Easy Tips For Writing Part Two: Write Ideas In Note Pad

When you are writing, you need ideas. This is why you need a note pad to help you organise your idea. When you are brainstorming for ideas, I would suggest you to jot down your ideas on a note pad.

p/s: the note pad in this case is paper, not the Notepad on your computer, although you can use it if you like.


Why you need a note pad that you can write on?

1. You need to write to get the ideas for what you are writing about.

I know these days, we are no longer a ‘writer’ logically, because we are all typing words into our PC or laptop. Technically, we are ‘typist’ but what makes us different is that we don’t just type. We type articles and stories that we create on our own.

A general typist can just type in whatever she/he is given.

2. It is much easier to organise your ideas, restructure it the way you want and arrange it accordingly.

This is simple. You draw maps, graphs or whatever you need for your ideas. Can you do this while ‘typing’?


Wait, I can hear some of you protest of using papers.

Ok, I get it. You want to reduce the use of papers to save trees.

I am not asking you to waste the paper. You can use recyclable papers, you can recycle the papers you have used once you no longer need it and you can always save papers by using only one piece for every ideas you need.

Who says you need plenty of papers to brainstorm ideas?


Now, I believe you are familiar with Ezine Articles. I am myself a fan of Ezine Articles.

They have come up with a special note pad that you can print out to write on.

I would recommend you to get this Ezine note pad if it is convenient for you to print it out.

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