Free Word Count Tools

Every now and then, we all need to count the number of words especially if clients make a special request to have word limit. You might be running a translation business and pricing is usually based on number of words.

It is easy to check the number of words, with the help of the internet. There are tons of word count tools to help, both free and paid services.

So, check out these FREE word count tools. There might be one that is good enough for you.

These are all using “cut and paste” method:





5. Free Online Word Count



8. – Word Count Tool


These have special features:

1. Count On It: Free Online Word Count – upload the whole file to count the number of words

Supported file formats: PDF, HTML, XML, CSV, text

2. Website Word Count – if you are running a translation business, this tool is useful as you can give quotes according to the number of words for a website. Just enter the url and the tool will do the job for you.

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