Freelance Writing Industry in Malaysia

It is rather sad to see that freelance writing industry in Malaysia is rather gloomy. No one seems to recognise freelance writing as a career. Although it is “freelancing” but from “freelancing”, we can develop our own business (like me).

Since I have started my own business, I started to write full time. I take in projects that I can do and of course, life is good as I don’t have a fixed working hour (which is a very important element in my life because I hate working fixed hour).

Credit Card Application.

Recently, I have applied for Hong Leong Bank credit card (Classic card). The problems that I faced:

  1. My first application got lost somewhere between the mails. I waited for about a month, called the consultant a few times, checked at the branch itself only to find out that they didn’t receive my application.
  2. So, I sent in a second application. Second application seems to go well. The consultant informed me that I had to wait about 7 days for the application status and they will sent me a status letter. I waited for 3 weeks and I haven’t receive the letter.
  3. Finally, I called the credit card call centre and they told me my application was rejected.

I guess I will have to try other banks but certainly not Hong Leong Bank.


I am new to business. Therefore, I am new to tax as well. I sent in an email to the IRB (Lembaga Hasil) to ask about tax. I waited for a week before I got a reply. Thankfully, the reply was very detailed.

On 9 December 2009, I sent in another email asking a new set of questions, today (21 December 2009), I still haven’t receive any reply.

Buying a Car.

2009 is a year where I have tried to buy a new car so many times, I am sick of seeing car dealers. Apparently I am not eligible to buy a car because my “business” is new (the true reason: they don’t see my business as a profitable business).

My dreams?

  1. I want to buy a house.
  2. I want to buy a car.
  3. I want to save money.
  4. I want to travel to other places.

I wonder which one that I can do real fast.

My priority is to get a house because I am married and I can’t stay with my parents for long (think about the privacy!).

Join or Back Off?

If you are a Malaysian, young adult and want to join the freelance writing industry in Malaysia, please be prepared to endure all these problems (unless if you are luckier than me). It is worth the time to explore this industry but do it at your own risks.

I am taking the risks, and I am enduring all these problems now!

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