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Recently, I have received an enquiry from Rossa Deken.

I need to find a home based job because I am tired of office hours. Would you advice me what should I do?

Rossa, if you are reading this, this would be my reply to you.

The truth is everyone is tired of office hours.

The reason I become a freelance writer is because I hate working hours (9am to 6pm or similar working hours).

As I said, I used to work in retail stores and offices. I know it is difficult to work according to a set of working hours. If you work for yourself, at least you get to set your own working hours. The best part would be to go on a holiday at anytime you want.

I would suggest you to give freelancing a try, but don’t quit on your day job because:

  • If you quit now and your freelance work is not successful, you will be having a tough time because you won’t have enough money to support your living cost until you get a new job.
  • If you quit now and you can’t find any freelance work to do, at least you can still earn money from your current day job.

If you are sure you want to start freelancing, be sure to have enough money to support you for at least six months. Otherwise, don’t think about it at all.

As to finding a freelance job that is suitable for you, refer to this article.

I hope you can find the right path towards your dream career.


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