How Do You Know Your Freelance Writing Career Is Expanding

For new writers out there who are brave enough to take the first step into freelance writing, kudos. If you have the knowledge and the skills, you are well on your way to own your own writing business and earn your a living comfortably.

Today, I have been thinking about my business and what I have achieved since last year. I find that I have made a lot of progress and I am now doing what I love and the most important is to earn more money than I ever thought I would be making last year.

As a flashback, I remembered well receiving my first salary for the very first month I worked in a mall (I worked there for only 8 months). It was barely 1k. Then, I have switched to a job working as an office admin (I worked for about 8 months as well) for about 1.2k a month. Then I cannot stand the office politic so I switched to working in a mall again for barely 1k again (this time I worked for only 6 months).

As you can see, I was having problems deciding my career because:

1. I have no degree in whatever course that I am interested in.

2. I have problems to stick to one job for more than a year.

Finally, I figured that I have to stop job hopping and find out what I really want to do with my life.

Writing is the one that can set me free. I am sure about that.

So, I started to search for part time writing jobs. I came across an ad looking for a team of writers. I applied for the job and I went through the trial period. After some time, I have been accepted into the community and even until today, I am still working for the same client (and it is almost a year now!).

I realised that to track my own progress, I have to look at these areas:

1. More returning customers.

2. Income is increasing, not decreasing.

3. I spend more time working on the projects rather than job hunting.

4. I no longer worry about not getting any work because I get more than I could handle.

5. I am constantly looking for ways to get more passive income.

6. I have the time to watch TV / DVD at anytime I want.


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