How I Combat Against Plagiarism of My Own Work

Four months ago, I was conned by a very popular writer in GAF.

I have written quite a few articles for $48 and he ended up not paying me at all, stating that he was conned by another client.

Four months later, as in today, I decided to do a plagiarism check using PlagiarismDetect on the articles that I have done for this particular ex-client (this ex-client is also blacklisted in FreelanceAIR).

I was curious on where the articles are being used and who is the main culprit behind this scam.

One of the articles is titled: How To Hire An Accountant For Your Business

It was not surprised at all to find that the article had been submitted to Ezine Articles. I finally found out the culprit but I am not going to reveal here.

I knew I can’t do anything now that the article is published on Ezine Articles and I don’t have an online copy of the article to prove it my ownership.

However, I also know that Ezine Articles take it very seriously about copyright infringement so I decided to report the article to the Ezine Team, even though I wasn’t sure of the outcome but it was worth a try.

Ezine Team is superb at attending serious case like this. Within minutes, I got an email asking for prove of ownership but I replied stating that the article is mine and I have not posted it online.

The next thing, Ezine Team took the article down.

According to Ezine,

We take claims of infringement very seriously and do not condone or
allow our members to infringe on the rights of others as outlined in
our Terms of Service:

The article has been removed.

Now, I gain my article back and I proudly present it in the Services page as a sample writing.

After all that article is written by me.

All I can say is even when you are being conned, try to do something to get them back before giving up.

In this case, I found the duplicate in Ezine Articles so I took the appropriate decision according to my situation.

Should you find yourself in a different situation, you might want to take a moment and think of what you can do, unless if the conclusion is ‘there is nothing else you can do’.

I have a moment where there is really nothing I can do to save my articles. However, I cannot mention the site that has published my content without my consent (the same batch of articles as above).

Nevertheless, I am happy now that I have managed to get back one of my articles, even if just one.

Thanks, Ezine Articles for being the best article directory with the best policy, rules and regulations.

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