Is It Good To Work With Other Freelancers?

This is a tough question. For some people, working with a stranger is totally off. However, what if the freelancer is a friend, instead of a stranger? Would you collaborate on a project with someone else, or take all the workload and do it on your own? Perhaps you are feeling a bit uncomfortable about having to split the payment into two (or according to a portion). However, it is worth to consider working with someone else whether it is a writing project or a design project.

The advantages of working with another freelancer:

1. You get more ideas by collaborating with another freelancer. This is generally because two brains are better than one. However, beware that too many cooks spoiled the soup.

2. You get to divide the workload so you don’t over work and burn out. This is important because most of the time, you will have to get everything done on time.

The disadvantages of working with another freelancer:

1. You need to charge a higher fee considering that you need to split the amount (unless if you can charge less, depending on your negotiation with the other freelancer).

2. Sometimes, bad communication might happen and things get bad. You might get into arguments and project is delayed or abandoned.

3. If the other freelancer is not happy with you, he/she might back stab you. Beware!


Whether you want to collaborate with someone else or work on a project on your own is totally your call. There is no pressure to work with someone else if you don’t want to.

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