Plagiarism Detect

Plagiarism Detect is a popular plagiarism checker (online checker / MS Word plug in).

I always recommend Plagiarism Detect for checking articles especially if you are a freelance writer or a blogger to avoid plagiarism issue. This is because you will get to check which sites are using your articles (or part of the articles).

The best thing about PD is that you can choose to sign up for a free basic account or sign up for premium accounts with more services (if you are a professional).

There are five types of accounts available:

1. Free account – register

2. Advanced account for students/freelance writers – coming soon

3. Advanced account for academic staff – coming soon

4. Advanced account for publishers – coming soon

5. MS Word 2007 Plug In (you still need to register to get this plug in)

Refer to this image for comparison between the accounts:


(click on the image for larger image)

This is what a free account looks like:


Give it a try!

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