Q&A: How To Write and How To Charge

I got this question from a reader (Chin).

Hello Sarah, Was browsing thru your webpage and was impressed with your articles. Was wondering do often you write for companies (eg being AsiaPartTime.com) and how do you charge based on these freelance write?

Ok, so first of all, how do I write for companies like AsiaPartTime.

Some time ago, AsiaPartTime advertised on its own site that they are looking for freelance writers.

At the rate of RM10/article, it is a good start. So, I applied for the position. I sent in a few articles to the editor. The editor will select the articles that he/she finds interesting to be used on the site. Then, they make payment.

However, I have been guest blogging on AsiaPartTime’s blog for some time now. As a guest blogger, I did not get paid but I get a back link to my blog.

How do I charge as a freelance writer?

This depends on the assignment. Most of the time, I write for overseas clients. I would charge based on the hours I work but sometimes, I charge by the number of articles and the number of words per article.

There is no specific rates as you set your own rates.


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