Qualifications to Be a Freelance Writer

People are asking me, “what are the qualifications to be a freelance writer?”

I would like to stress here, that there is no specific qualifications to be a freelance writer.

You don’t have to study for a degree in order to be a freelance writer (although it is an advantage).

You can have a degree OR NOT if you want to join the freelancing industry.

As long as you know your stuff and you have the right attitude, you should be fine.

What you need to be a freelance writer?

  • Knowledge in your industry. Are you becoming a freelance writer / website designer? Know your stuff!
  • The guts to step out of your current job and step in to your industry (writing / designing)
  • Know how to spread a word about your business @ services / advertise yourself
  • Know where to find jobs / gigs (places you can search for work – i.e. Internet, etc.)
  • Social Media intellect
  • Motivation and determination
  • Money to spend while you are not working

So, what are you waiting for? Be a freelancer now or never!

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