Quit Your Job and Start Freelancing

Quit Your Job and Start Freelancing


“My job is boring.”

“I need a break from work but I cannot get holidays.”

“I am stressed with my job.”

These are common phrases we often hear (and maybe even thought about it ourselves!).

Stress is common but without proper management, stress can turn into a serious health issue.

What are you thinking at this point of your life?

Have you ever think of leaving your job so you can do whatever you want at your own pace with no one to tell you what you should do, give you datelines and decide your monthly wage?Have you ever think of leaving your job so you can do whatever you want at your own pace with no one to tell you what you should do, give you datelines and decide your monthly wage?

Yes, there is a way you can do so. Quit your job and start freelancing.

It might be easy as it seems but the truth is there is more than just quitting your day job and join in the freelance world.

As much as you want to work at home, set your own working hours and the most important, set your own fee for your job, you need to be prepared for all the unforeseen changes in your life – after you join the freelance bandwagon.


First of all, before you even start to think about freelancing, make sure you have enough $$$ in your bank to support your expenses for the next 6 months (or more – if possible).

Secondly, make sure that you have the knowledge of what you want to do.

If you are a web designer and you want to be a freelance designer, make sure you know about web design in and out – HTML, CSS and all those related stuff should be in your portfolio.

If you want to be a writer and you want to be a freelance writer, be prepared to write a variety of topics at the beginning of your freelancing career before you move on to specialise in certain topics.

Again, why?

Having sufficient funds in your bank for at least 6 months will give you the peace you need when you will be busy searching for jobs. It is also important because freelancing is exactly as the name suggests – you work freelance so you might be hired… or not.

When you have enough funds to last for a minimum of 6 months, at least you don’t have to worry when you take at least a month or two to secure your very first freelance task.

It took me a month to get a job on GetAFreelancer or GAF.

The worst thing is it was a very low paying job but I had to take the job as I had been jobless for a month (I quit my day job before I secure a freelance task).

When you get hired, your client expects you to deliver excellent work before they pay you. If you cannot complete a certain job, don’t bid on it. Find jobs that you are confident of doing.

What should you do if you are serious about freelancing?

First, never quit your job before you get any experience on freelancing.

It is best to try it out during weekends just to get a taste of what it’s like being a freelancer.

Bid on simple jobs within your expertise/interests from sites like Elance (update: it is known as Upwork now) and if you are successful, complete the work and get paid.

If you like the way freelancing works, get started on saving money for your window period. Your window period would be from day 1 you become a freelancer until you get a freelance job.

You might want to upgrade yourself in terms of knowledge. You can learn on your own with the help of the internet or go for a short course.

Again, I want to stress that it might take a long time for you to get a freelance job so be prepared for the window-period (no job period).

Happy freelancing!

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