Redundancy – Helps To Increase Word Count But Annoying And Useless

Redundancy is a problem for most writers (especially new writers). Trying to get the word count according to your clients can be a pain. Imagine having to write about a boring topic for as long as 500 words. I am sure there isn’t much to talk about a boring topic but somehow you have to throw in a few ideas of your own to make up the remaining words.

This is when redundancy comes into the picture.

Writers tend to repeat a sentence in different ways to make up the word count.

For example,

“She whispered in a quiet voice.”

Why not write it as,

“She whispered.”

After all, whisper is “to speak with soft, hushed sounds…” ~

Get to the point as you write to make sure that readers are not bored while getting all the information they need.

I am sure this way you present your work in a neat, easy to read and easy to understand kind of way.

No one likes to read the same thing many times.

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