Ten Tips To Get Going In Writing

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These few days I have been having a hard time to concentrate on writing. Most of the time, it would be because everything is so important that I have to complete all at the same time. Then, there will be the moment when I feel bored about writing. Although these are temporary, I need to find a way to keep on going writing without feeling:

a. exhausted – sometimes, it is tiring to write

b. bored – just happen naturally

So, here are ten tips to help me (and you) get going in writing.

1. Spend at least 5 minutes a day to write something. This is some sort of practice to keep us in tune with writing. Imagine not writing for days (when we are on holiday or something), it would be difficult to pick up the momentum. It is similar to starting the engine in the morning. If you do not start the engine everyday for a minute or two, the engine won’t start easily next time.

2. There is no reason to keep on writing without a stop. Don’t spend too much time in writing because your brain will be drained and ideas will have a hard time coming to us. Your brain deserves a rest. What to do when you are not writing? Check out ‘ Don’t Be Scared To Waste Time Browsing These

3. Stop thinking about how much work you have completed. Concentrate on those that you haven’t.

4. Try to get rid of emails, social networking and IMs (Instant Messaging) when you are working. Those are the biggest culprit that disturb our work schedule.

5. As always when you are stuck, it is time to have a walk. Then come back and write more. Usually this trick really works, unless for some reason it doesn’t work for you.

6. When you write, make sure you sit on a nice and comfortable chair. The table should be equally comfortable too (not too small).I have a rather big table to accommodate a PC and a laptop (most of the time, there are also books lying around – *hint*).

7. Read a book in between those writing. A book doesn’t mean it has to be a boring type of book. Depends on what you love to read, you can read any books you want. I love to read comic books when I am stuck. This is why there are books lying around my working table. You can have fiction or non-fiction.

8. Time is important. Even if you have only ten minutes, you can put that to good use. Finish that sentence you wrote the other day or sort out your PC files. There is something you can do. Don’t think that the ‘ten minutes’ can’t settle anything.

9. When you write, it is best to make a draft before you really jump into the writing process. Often this will help you eliminate the writer’s block. Imagine starting to write without a clue. This is when writer’s block will strike.

10. Don’t forget to go out and have fun, and not just stay at home and write, write, write. Embrace your real life social life will definitely help you more in your writing, rather than spending more time with your online social networking (although online social networking helps too).


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