The Challenges of Becoming a Freelance Writer

Do you wish to become a freelance writer? It is easy to write but to write great quality stuff is the challenge. Many people want to be join the freelancing world but not many know the challenges ahead.Some of them think that writing is the easiest job in the world but to get clients to buy your work is tough especially when your writing does not match their requirements. There are other challenges that truly test your ability and endurance.


The challenges you will face in the freelancing world:


One for sure, if you are into freelancing, you must be prepared financially. Ask yourself, are you prepared to face any financial difficulties once you join the freelancing world. You can work as a freelance writer and have a full time job but you will find that struggling between freelancing and full time job will wear you out sooner or later.

The key is to have enough savings to last for at least six months before you join the freelancing world. This way, you are assured to have enough money before you get your very first freelance job.


Are you sure you are ready to jump into the freelancing world? Some people have problems coping with their new found job, work from home. If you are not prepared, you will find that you fall behind quickly and that is something you want to avoid being a freelance writer. Keep yourself occupied even when you haven’t secure a job yet. Keep on searching for jobs so you have no time to regret.


You want to write but you don’t have the skills to write better quality content. You should go for courses to improve your writing before you decide to be a freelance writer. I am sure you are well aware that a writer without the necessary skills can’t survive in the industry.


Last but not least, the competitions among other writers are intense. You are not the only writer in the world. With thousands of other writers competing for jobs, suddenly, you find yourself in a bad position for not able to compete with the others.

The most important thing is to have patience when you apply for a job. Be sure to display everything you are good at and avoid any flaws especially in your portfolio. Have someone to create a good portfolio if you can’t write it yourself.


It is not easy to be a freelance writer but it is not impossible. Do not give up if you failed for the first few times. Be persevere and success will comes along.

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