Top 3 Reasons Why Freelancing Is Cool

[Disclaimer: This scenario is common in Malaysia and this article is based on my life in Malaysia.]

If you live in a community where getting a 9-5 job is the perfect job for everyone, you might want to show off your bit by telling them you earn more money by working from home. At least this is what I am doing at the moment and people around me are puzzled at how I do this.

Some don’t even believe me when I mention that I am a freelancer in writing. The next thing they ask me, how I earn a living by writing because the most typical stereotype when it comes to writing,

You write novels?

The reason they ask me this is because in their little brain, a writer means a person who writes novels.

Then, I replied,

No, I am not writing novels.

Surprisingly, they replied,

There is no such thing as earning a living by writing. We go to work in the morning and come back in the evening for 5 days a week and get our pay at the end of the month.

I continued my debate,

I get paid sometimes by week, sometimes by month.

With this as a reply, they get even more puzzled.

The point is when you try to explain, they either accept it as it is or question your credibility.

Why freelancing is cool?

1. You are different from most people.

Face it, not many people are into freelancing. In fact, in Malaysia, I hardly find anyone who is freelancing (there are a few but not many).

2. You distinguish yourself from the 9-5 life.

Imagine other people having a 9-5 job that requires them to be in the office all the time, when you can go out anytime you want and work anytime you need to. Time is not restricted to 9-5. You can work from 11-2, then continue from 4-8 or depending on how you manage your time.

(Personally, I like to work at night until past midnight – sometimes up to 3-4am but not everyone can achieve this. The reason I do this: I am more active at night and my brain works better in terms of creativity. Warning: Do not try this, if you cannot resist yourself from falling asleep at the desk.)

3. You get to control your own life rather than having your work control you.

It is well explained, no further explanation is required.

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