Triond: Revisit

It has been a long time since I checked my Triond account.

In fact, I think I have almost given up on Triond.

Triond is my first platform to earn passive income, followed by Bukisa.

After long hours of working on different projects, I decided to take a peek at my account and there was a surprise waiting for me.

I have been given 2 badges – something like a recognition. I felt so good seeing these badges, knowing that Triond has improved (moving forward).

Finally, something to motivate me!

The best part of all, I have $1.14 pending, to be paid on 10th September 2010. It is not much, but something I gain from practically doing nothing for Triond in the past six months.

It is time to be active on Triond once again.

Do you want to join Triond?

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