Western Union Google Adsense Payment

*For Malaysians

I have recently closed my Google Adsense account so that I can open a new account (due to personal reason).

I have earned less than $100 but Google said that they will pay out whatever I have earned within 90 days.

After waiting for some time and no news from Google, I sent them an email asking about the payment and they replied that the payment is already processed.

They gave me the MCTN (Money Control Transfer Number) and asked me to get the cash from any Western Union agent.

I went to the local CIMB but unfortunately, the bank is under renovation, so it is not operating.

None other banks nearby offer Western Union service but there is a post office, which bears the Western Union logo.

So, without waiting any further, I went to the post office and asked about the Quick Cash service.

Yes, they do have Quick Cash service.

What you need to know?

1. Please photocopy your IC (one copy).

2. Write down your MCTN and Google’s information, if you can’t print out the info. You will need to write these information in the form. MCTN is the most important so don’t write wrongly.

I filled in the form, took a number and waited for my turn.

When it was my turn to go to the counter, I passed the form, waited for a while, and then the lady said,

“Our system is offline right now. Please wait for a while.”

I had been so excited about getting the money and this really turned me off. Nevertheless, I waited, patiently.

After 10 minutes, she called and gave me the money. It wasn’t much but it was enough to make me happy.

Overall, Adsense payment through Western Union is indeed a better choice.

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