What To Do When You Are Rejected

It must be heart breaking to be rejected for the very first project you bid on. After all you have spent so much time preparing your portfolio for the project.

However, this is life. There are people winning and losing at the same time.

Perhaps you are rejected today but tomorrow, you might get yourself a better project.

Here are a few things you can do in times when you are rejected from the projects you bid on.

1. Mourn

Consider this as a ritual. You will feel better.

2. Move on

Everyone needs to move on. When a husband died, the wife moves on. When one is rejected, one will have to move on too.

3. Compare Your Own Performance – not others

Perhaps you might be comparing your work with others to measure your performance but do you know this is so wrong? You should be comparing your present work with your previous work rather than with someone else’s work.

4. Don’t be agressive – be positive

I know it is hard to take the loss but don’t let this affect your mental health  into doing something stupid like harassing the winner of the projects.

5. Bid on other projects

When you lose in a project, go on and bid on other projects. There are so many projects around and you are bound to get one. It is a matter of time.

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