What You Should Not Do As A Freelance Writer

When we talk about being a freelance writer, many people thought that it is easy to write, everyone can write and we can write about everything. The truth is there is more than just writing.

Certainly everyone can write but not everyone can write excellent materials and definitely not everyone can write about just anything in the world.

If you want to be a freelance writer, there are things you need to remember to NOT DO.

  1. Do not depend on writing as the sole income.

    This is very important because not everyone can earn a living being a full time writer. Try to get some other part time jobs to support your living.

  2. Do not submit a bid and wait for an answer (it takes more than one for an answer).

    Submit as many bids as you are allowed or possible to increase the chances of winning projects. This will naturally increase your income as well.

  3. Do not blame yourself or anyone if you have been rejected for many projects.

    I am sure that you will get rejections before you are accepted for selected projects. The truth is rejection is not so bad after all it is a lesson. Not everyone is lucky to be selected for a project the first time they bid on a project but perhaps one out of ten would be the lucky one. If you are not the one, don’t feel sorry.

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