Writer’s Tools

As a writer, you need tools to help you through your work.

Here, I am going to list a few free tools, a writer will find useful. The best part is these tools are free to use.

At the moment, I am trying out Open Office. I have Microsoft Works but out of curiosity, I want to try Open Office. Today is the first day of using Open Office. I will talk more about Open Office if I have found something interesting.

Meanwhile, here is the list of the tools:

1. Open Office – a very nice substitute for Microsoft Office/Works.

2. Google Documents – good tool if you are working on a project in a team.

3. Gmail – if you want to handle all your emails at one place and have more storage.

4. PDF995 – there is a free version that will show ads but tolerable.

5. eFax – if you need to RECEIVE fax, eFax offers a free account (need to upgrade to send fax).

6. Dictionary – sometimes you need to look up for a meaning, thesaurus or reference.

7. Keyword analysis – maybe you are writing articles for SEO and you need the exact percentage of keyword density, this is the tool that helps you calculate the keyword percentage.

8. Skype – if you need to make PC-to-PC calls or PC-landline calls.

9. Text-to-Speech converter – if you need to listen rather than read, this is the tool.

10. Stock Images

11. Blogging Platform – WordPress

12. Word Count Tool – count your words

For now, these are the tools that I can think of. I will add in more when I discovered new tools.

If you have any new tools to add, leave a comment.

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